My Fantasy Publishing Team: Epic Reads

This seriesis where I call out amazing people in the publishing world. If I had a publishing house, these would be the people on my fantasy team. #fantasypublishing

If you are a YA addict, and I know you are, then you should know the marketing team Epic Reads from HarperCollins. This team is the BEST when it comes to marketing young adult books. If you are a self-published author, or an author looking to expand your marketing presence, take a note from these ladies.

Check out their Tea Time series for amazing updates on books, interview with editors, and just all round jolly good fun.

Now, if you are thinking “YouTube is not for me,” fear not! Epic Reads does some pretty awesome things with their design skills. Now I personally am not as good with Photoshop as I would like, but the info graphics coming out of Epic Reads are ENGAGING. They don’t just plug HarperCollins’ books, they plug YA books.

Like #365DaysofYA

Epic Reads 365 Days

Please just do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter, your life will thank you for the improvement.

I’m going to go fangirl in silence now.


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