Bunheads Review


Warning***Minor Spoilers***

Title: Bunheads

Author: Sophie Flack

Publisher: Poppy (Hachette)

Flap copy on the book cover:

In a crowd of beautiful ballet dancers, how can one girl stand out?
As a dancer with the ultra-prestigious Manhattan Ballet company, nineteen-year-old Hannah Ward juggles intense rehearsals, dazzling performances, and complicated backstage relationships. But when she meets a spontaneous and irresistibly cute musician named Jacob, her universe begins to change.
Until now, Hannah has happily followed the company’s unofficial mantra, “Don’t think, just dance.” But as Jacob opens her eyes to the world beyond the theater, Hannah must decide whether to compete against the other “bunheads” for a star soloist spot or to strike out on her own.”

I wanted to like this book. I needed to like this book. Ballet books are what I have wanted to read for a few years. Granted this book published in 2011, but it was time to read it. And for the actually ballet portions, I liked it.

But the characters killed me. How this book got a starred Kirkus review, I will never know. I get that Hannah meets a boy and re-evaluates her priorities to ballet. I can even support that. But OMG, can someone just smack Jacob?

First off, any man whose pick up line is that you are “different from other girls” must not have a high opinion of those girls. My instincts proved right. Throughout the book, Hannah has to keep explaining why she can’t meet up with him. She has a job, dude, and it is not a 9-5er. I got so angry at his clinging, “you never want to hang out” attitude. As a result, I actually got mad at Hannah when she felt guilty. Never let a man make you feel guilty for working towards goals!

By the end, I was just glad to be done so I could move on to more important things. Like this blog.

Final Question: Would I have acquired this if it came across my desk? No. I don’t know who was smoking what over there at Kirkus but this book would not have been something I wanted to work on for a year. Which is a shame since I really wanted it to be the ballet book of my dreams.


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