Why I Read YA

I had the displeasure to read this article from the Guardian this morning.

While the author ultimately ended up on a happy note about YA books and why adults read them, it was not without offending those who read YA and the books in general.

First, let me just say, I feel insulted that someone would think adults who read YA only read them because they are “those who just refuse to grow up and embrace their boring, often excitement-free adult lives.” Adult life is hella more exciting than being a teen. For starters, I can legally drink. And there is that whole between the sheets action that I can legally do without fearing repercussions from my parents. (My blog manager (who works for guacamole) wished to chime in with this: Not to mention, not being in school, having independence, and basically being able to do what whatever you want  (within the law)). Eh, so thanks, but no thanks, I am not buying what you are trying to sell.

Try again, sweetie.

But why do I read YA? I could say the simple answer: that I want to work with young adult books and that is why I read them, but let’s be honest, that would not be the whole truth.

I read YA because I love it. I don’t read it to the exclusion of other books. I happen to like reading romance, women’s fiction, chick lit, and biographies about royals and dictators (yes, that is a topic for another day). But ultimately, I find the YA books to be better because the emotions are heightened, the writing does not pander to the age group, and the covers are GROGEOUS. The authors (most, anyways) are way more connected to their audiences.

The Young Adult Book Industry is filled with amazing people, from authors to readers, marketers and editors.

Yes, sometimes the books are silly. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated with the writer, but on the whole: YA books are just great.

SO if you are an adult who reads YA, never feel ashamed and don’t let anyone ever make you feel ashamed of what you are reading. It is not a competition. Read what you like!

SOURCE: fiercesome.tumblr.com

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