Snapshot From My Life

Certain things in life don’t come easy. And there may be this little voice inside you questioning everything. Or a voice outside of you telling you to gice up. In case you can’t tell, this week has been particularly rough for me. With the weather in New York and the way work has been lately, I need a reminder. A reminder of the good things. And I found this gem and felt maybe other people could use a pearl of wisdom from one of my favorite guest lecturers: Arthur A. Levine. I know I certainly needed the reminder today.

Mr. Levine was the 2013 David Pecker Distinguished Visiting Professor at my graduate school and during one of his lecturers, I connected with this quote:


Recently, I did a post on why I read YA. And I have to say, this quote, this amazingly powerful quote, perfectly captures what a young adult book is all about. More importantly, it reminds me that the path I am on is the one I am meant to be on.

The things worth most having don’t always come easy. As my mom is fond of saying, “It builds character.”

So take this second, no matter what is going on your life and the difficulties you face, to remember that “having second thoughts and feeling like you are struggling doesn’t mean you are not meant to be here.”


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