Throwback Thursday: Tea Rex

OMG, OMG, OMG. Let me tell you about this book.  Molly Idle is a genius!


Tea Rex is singularly the most adorable and hilarious book ever.

“Some tea parties are for grown-ups.
Some are for girls.
But this tea party is for a very special guest.
And it is important to follow some rules . . .
like providing comfortable chairs,
and good conversation,
and yummy food.
But sometimes that is not enough for special guests,
especially when their manners are more Cretaceous than gracious . . .”-Flap Copy

When I first saw the F&Gs (folded and gathered book sheets, aka the unfinished version of a picture book), I knew I needed this book. Check out the first page:


These Emily Post style tips are juxtaposed with the little girl trying to apply it to T-Rex. Little kids and adults will love the whimsical color pencil illustrations and the silly juxtaposition.

Freaking adorable.

I wish I were her editor.


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