To Transmedia or Not To Transmedia

Let’s define this: transmedia is when a property (think The Wizard of Oz) can be expanded upon in different platforms (Wicked). So you can have a book, and on another media platform the story can be expanded upon.

So I am getting close to the end of the stack of new books I just bought and in the pile to be read is Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. Not sure how much everyone knows about this book so check out this article and this one.

This book trilogy was intended to be consumed (I know people hate that word in connection to books, but it is the best verb in this situation) alongside the other media platforms.

My question: do I just read the book or do I do the whole she-bang? This story is intended to go on outside of the pages of the book, yet, I don’t want to put that much time and energy into this.

I am all for transmedia. For diehard fans, things like Pottermore and Wicked are great for expanding upon the original property, but those were created AFTER the fact. I can get on board those. The story is complete and if I choose not to participate, the story does not suffer for it.

What do you do when the full story is scattered over multiple mediums? The Matrix trilogy did this. To truly understand the last movie, you really were meant to play the video game between movie two and three. So if you weren’t playing the game, you just thought the third movie was the worst thing you ever saw.

So this book involves all these other elements, not to mention there is a real prize of gold for following all of it, but…time and energy.

My legit reaction just thinking about it. Source:

So transmedia or not to transmedia? That is the question


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