Diamond in the Rough

Sometimes I get really weird dreams. Like REALLY weird dreams. And the other night I had an interesting, yet odd dream.

But strangely enough, I felt there was something there and when I recounted my dream to by roommate, she agreed. So without further ado, I give you my weird dream:

Imagine the hero as Kevin Sorbo built like Jason Moymoa but no quite either man.

Kevin Sorbo from my dream

He is attracted to our heroine who looks like Mila Kunis. Our hero is this rich man who has a house on a jungle cliff side. Hero and Mila are having a fun flirtation when she is kidnapped by terrorist along with his family (i.e.  Mother, uncle, and kid cousin). The terrorist have them on a speed boat and Mila Kunis is handcuffed to the steering wheel. The terrorists drop the family slowly over the edge, but they can swim so they are shortly rescued. Mila is still handcuffed when a helicopter comes and takes out the terrorist. Our hero has rescued Mila but she is like “Where are you?” And he tells her he used a remote control helicopter he has been controlling from the cliff side with his assistant (the assistant is female).So Mila makes it back to land, and the reporters are hounding her. The assistant comes to get her. As they are walking back up the house, Mila asks if the assistant can get her stuff and the assistant tells her that he (Our Hero) is more fascinated with Mila than Mila is fascinated with him.

And then I woke up.

SOURCE: ayekabiznik.tumblr.com

So my dream was weird, but I feel like there is a good story nestled in all the weirdness. My dream feels like Fifty Shades of Grey meets Twilight meets Speed 3, and it wasn’t even done when I got up for work.

So let’s reimage this as more YA and less weird. I’ll make our hero a teenage tech genius with his own start-up (like Mark Zuckerberg, but better looking, and not Kevin Sorbo). Our heroine will be a normal high school student that he meets at a coffee shop (she works there) as he is working on some new code. His assistant will actually be his older sister, who is majoring in business and is helping our hero with his business.

Now for the Diamond in Rough:

Our hero meets our heroine in the coffee shop where she works as he is working a problematic new code for his company. He is fascinated by her normalcy, i.e. going to high school and all that entails. She is drawn to his brilliant mind. They quickly become friends. She starts hanging out with him and his family. He shows her his company and she has some insights into how to help him recruit more people. He is attracted to her but also a bit shy. Terrorists, in an attempt to control his company for their own means, kidnap our heroine along with his mother, uncle, and kid cousin. The terrorists are using a speed boat to get away, with our heroine handcuffed to the steering wheel. The terrorists drop the family slowly over the edge. Our heroine is still handcuffed, thinking through a plan of escape now that the family members are out of direct harm’s way, when a helicopter, remotely controlled by our hero, comes and takes out the terrorists. Our heroine pilots the boat back to land where she is met by our hero’s older sister/business manager. The business manager tells our heroine that our hero is more fascinated by our heroine than she is with him and that our heroine needs to be careful not to break his heart. Our heroine is rejoined with the family and our hero and they share their first kiss.

End of book 1, I think.

I know it needs work, but hey, it started from a weird place.


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