My Fantasy Publishing Team: Meg Cabot

There are some writers that come along and, as a reader, you just fall in love with them. You can fall in love with their writing style, their stories, or their personality. For me, Meg Cabot is that author. I not so secretly wish could work with her.

Ever since I read The Princes Diaries, I have wanted to work with Meg Cabot. I even have the story I want to work with her on planned out (Look for that post later). Her writing has  humor and heart. I absolutely adore her all her books. But Meg Cabot is a cool author. Check out her blog! It is hilarious!

Let’s be real: Meg Cabot just looks like a fun person.

If I were her editor,  it would be one of the highlights of my career. The people who get to work with her are to be envied!


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