In The News

So in case you missed it, President Obama has launched a new plan to bring eBooks to low incomes students in an effort to expand their access to digital learning products.

Most to the major publishers are involved. Sounds like a great plan.


Having been a low income student, and working with homeless children, I have to wonder about this. It is a great idea, I am not questioning that. But from my own childhood, we didn’t have money for expensive electronics.  And the kids I work with don’t have the money. I applaud the idea of getting these kids access  to library cards, but what do you do with these free eBooks when you don’t have the means with which to read it?

The ConnectED Program does help with getting the technology into the school and having the students interacting with it, but how does that translate to being out of school? When reading 20 minutes a day, outside of school, is critical for a child’s literacy development?

Am I just so out of touch with the modern poor? Are Kindles, iPads, and smart phones everywhere that even the poorest among us have one?

If so, great! I will go shut up in the corner. But if it is how I remember it, then offering eBooks to people without the access to use them is like giving me a tank full of gasoline and saying, “Okay, now you can drive.”

Maybe I am just missing something.


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