Glass Arrow Review

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Title: Glass Arrow

Author: Kristen Simmons

Publisher: Tor Teen (Macmillan)

Flap Copy:

“Once there was a time when men and women lived as equals, when girl babies were valued, and women could belong only to themselves. But that was ten generations ago. Now women are property, to be sold and owned and bred, while a strict census keeps their numbers manageable and under control. The best any girl can hope for is to end up as some man’s forever wife, but most are simply sold and resold until they’re all used up.

Only in the wilderness, away from the city, can true freedom be found. Aya has spent her whole life in the mountains, looking out for her family and hiding from the world, until the day the Trackers finally catch her.

Stolen from her home, and being groomed for auction, Aya is desperate to escape her fate and return to her family, but her only allies are a loyal wolf she’s raised from a pup and a strange mute boy who may be her best hope for freedom . . . if she can truly trust him.”

I finished this book about two weeks ago. I have been sitting on it, mulling it over. In the heat of the moment, it was a really good book. It reminded me a lot of Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden Trilogy. And America being what it currently is (not getting into a rant about the validity of women’s rights), this book really struck home for me.

However, it is two weeks later, and my instant love of this book has dulled a bit.

When I think back on the book, I feel like there wasn’t that much done. It definitely could have been a bigger book. I don’t want to outline the whole plot, but trust me when I say, while things happened, timeline events felt like nothing happened.

I still like the book and definitely would have acquired it. I just might have asked that she added another 100 pages or something.


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