On the Downside of Being in Editorial

So recently I devoured this book for my job. Just know you should definitely read it.

The downside of being in editorial reared its head when the sequel came in the office. I eagerly devoured that as well. After episodes of fist pumping and clenching my kindle as events unfolded, I finished and eagerly looked around. I needed to fangirl so hard over it.

And I was the only one who had read it.

giphy (5)

I know, you are probably thinking, gosh, it must suck to read for a living. I am not complaining about that. Love my job.

BUT when you are the only one who has read something and you desperately want to share your love of a book, it can suck. No one can understand why you have been ruined for the day. RUINED. The book was so good, all you want to do is talk about it, and instead you have to sit there quietly since no one has read it. NO ONE.

So now I wait for you guys to read the first book, so I can fangirl about that one at least. But still…

giphy (6)

Sarah Fine, I blame you for my lack of productivity on the submission pile lately.


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