Model Misfit Review


Title: Model Misfit (Geek Girl)

Author: Holly Smale

Publisher: HarperTEEN (HarperCollins)


“You can make a geek a model, but you can’t make her chic. More hilarity and high fashion await in the second book in the internationally bestselling Geek Girl series!

Harriet Manners is a model—but she feels even less popular and more awkward than she did when she was just a geek. So a summer modeling job in Japan sounds like the perfect vacation, even if she has to bring along her crazy grandma Bunty, and even if she might run into Nick, her gorgeous supermodel ex-boyfriend. No one is going to ruin Harriet’s fabulous Tokyo adventure—unless she accidentally ruins it herself. . . .”

This book is so cute! I love Harriet and her awkward geekiness. She is the new Mia! (And if you know who that is off her first name alone, internet high five!) This whole series reminds me of Girl Meets World meets The Princess Diaries.

giphy (9)

The only thing I’m not 100% on board with is the love interest. I want more variety! I love a good love triangle and Harriet is posed to have her geeky moment.

As you know, I would have acquired this series and I would love to work with this author on another project.


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