So if you are like me, you love to follow #MSWL and see what everyone is looking for. But sometimes, it can be hard to know what an editor or agent DOESN’T like or what they might be pickier on.  With that in mind, below are a few of the things I tend to be pickier about. This not a hard and fast rule, but more of a helpful “behind the curtain” glimpse of why I might not have connected with your manuscript.

So without further ado, I give you:


  1. Alternating POV. I do enjoy a good alternating or multiple POV novel. But I see a lot of authors doing this, and sometimes it is to their detriment. Think about WHY you are choosing this style. Does the reader really need more than one POV and if so, are the characters on their own arc with their own unique voice? If the answer to any of that is “no”, stop and think before you query.
  2. Boy narrators. I love Harry Potter, and I love A Stranger to Command. Boy narrators have their place. But I find that I’m not drawn to them often. This comes down to authentic voice for me.
  3. Verse novels and poetry. Not for me. I’ll enjoy it as a reader, but if you are looking for editorial agent, I’m not your gal for this.
  4. Dark, heavy content. I like dark content, but for me, it can’t be too graphic or rely so heavily on it. I like voice driven, tangentially dark content. Like My Life With the LiarsTell Me Something Real, and The Way I Used to Be. If you have graphic depictions of abuse or rape or violence, just know I’m much pickier about this.

Again, this is just a generic list and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t query me. But if I don’t connect or feel I’m the right agent, don’t take it as a judgement. I mean it at face value.

So good luck and may the odds be ever in…wait, let’s just leave it at good luck. 🙂


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