Blog Shout Out: Around the World in 80 Books

Shout out to the ladies at Around the World in 80 Books! These women are so dedicated to this whole blogging and have really created the beginning of a a potential business (I totally said it!), Also Heather also goes on this blog by the name “my blog manager (who works for guacamole)”.

Their focus is slightly different than my blog, but if you’re human (har har, my lame joke skills), you should head over and give them a look.


Blog Shout Out: The Uncanny Valley

So this is a first: I am going to call out one of my favorite blogs to read: The Uncanny Valley.

I love following her recaps of The 100! If I could recap some of my favorite television shows like this, y’all would see more YA TV on this blog. Sadly, I am not that talented.

So everyone should head to her blog to check out these amazing recaps. Seriously, go!

giphy (7)
Now that I have said that…I’m just gonna go hide.