Feeling Like It’s Not Going to Happen? Here’s Some Pick-Me Ups.

Just in case you ever need a few motivational pick-me ups, here is a list of yours truly go to favorites.

  1. 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 minutes. If you need a pep talk.
  2. Happy Little Clouds. If you need some writing reminders.
  3. Evolve. For when you need to remind yourself that “you gotta evolve”
  4. Garden of You Mind. If you need inspiration.
  5. Keep on Cooking. For when you need reminding that you are writing for yourself first and foremost. “Freshness makes all the difference.”

And just for fun:

  1. Pop! Goes My Heart. Because it is Hilarious.
  2. Jolene. Because Dolly and Miley.

And that does it! Remember, we have all been there.



Slight Change Coming to This Blog

Hi, everyone!

With my recent change in job comes a change to the blog. While I still **plan** on doing reviews and industry observations when I can, I will be adding an agent section. I intend for this to be a place where you can find my thoughts on agenting, and more about my professional tastes.

Look for a blog post to kick that off soon!