Slight Change Coming to This Blog

Hi, everyone!

With my recent change in job comes a change to the blog. While I still **plan** on doing reviews and industry observations when I can, I will be adding an agent section. I intend for this to be a place where you can find my thoughts on agenting, and more about my professional tastes.

Look for a blog post to kick that off soon!


Picture Perfect Review


**WARNING: Minor Spoilers**

Title: Picture Perfect (Geek Girl)

Author: Holly Smale

Publisher: HarperTEEN (HarperCollins)


“Geek Girl is coming to America! The internationally bestselling series takes on the Big Apple in this third hilarious, high-fashion adventure.

When Harriet’s dad gets a job in New York City, Harriet is beyond excited to move to the land of skyscrapers, museums, and taxicabs—especially since she’ll get to see her dreamy supermodel boyfriend, Nick. Except . . . when her parents said New York, they meant a tiny, boring town two hours from the city by train. Diving back into modeling should be just the right distraction. But can a geek girl stand out in the fashion capital of America?”

Y’all know how much I love this series! This is the next generation’s Meg Cabot. Harriet is literally my favorite and I could not love this series more! I highly recommend this for anyone who need a pick me up, or an escape from everyday.  I’m ready for the next one.

I do wish there had been more modeling in this, but since Harriet has been let go from her modeling agency, it made sense that there was not as much modeling. I am wondering how she is going to get more modeling going forward though.

Also there is a major development in her relationship with Lion Boy!

Sea Rex Review

Sea Rex

Title: Sea Rex

Author/Illustrator: Molly Idle

Publisher: Viking (Penguin)

Flap Copy:

“What could that be

down in the sea?

Is it a fish?

A snail?

A mermaid’s tail?

No, it’s bigger than that . . .

a LOT bigger . . .

it’s Sea Rex!

Join Cordelia and her crestacious companions as they spend a memorable day at the beach, as only dinosaurs can do!”

I love Molly Idle and her beautiful illustrations. But I have to say, I thought the second book Camp Rex was a bit of a let down from the first book, but Sea Rex brought it back. Not as good as Tea Rex but it is a good edition to the series.

I love Molly Idle so there is no doubt in my mind I would have acquired this if I could.

My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess Review

Pretty Princess

Title:  My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess

Author/Illustrator: Heath McKenzie

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Flap Copy:

Rules are meant to be broken in this laugh-out-loud picture book about staying true to yourself.

One little girl gets her greatest wish of becoming a princess – only to discover that the rules of royalty are no fun. She has to have perfect hair and eat daintily and dance gracefully — boring! So, she decides to make up her own rules… A delightfully subversive picture book that teaches girls to be themselves — clumsy dancing, crazy scribbling and all.”

This was soooo cute! I love McKenzie’s drawings and the ironic spin on Cinderella. Even if you dream of being a princess, sometimes it is more fun to do it your way. This is perfect if you want to teach your child to just be themselves.

Throwback Thursday: Anne of Green Gables

In case you missed it, Jonathan Crombie “Gilbert Blythe” died. In honor of this man, and my love of Gilbert Blythe because of him, I decided to re-read Anne of Green Gables.

Now, I am partial to this cover since I thought this accurately captured my vision of Anne, I will say this version is gorgeous.

download (23)

So what to say about this beautiful book? Well, I love when Anne breaks her slate over Gil’s head. There is also the scene with the drowned boat in a lake, or the  imagination of Anne in general.

Basically, this book is just a fun read. It is wholesome, if that makes any sense. I would totally give this to my kids to read, if I had any. I highly recommend a re-read of it.

Throwback Thursday: The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend


“This magical story begins on an island far away where an imaginary friend is born. He patiently waits his turn to be chosen by a real child, but when he is overlooked time and again, he sets off on an incredible journey to the bustling city, where he finally meets his perfect match and-at long last-is given his special name: Beekle.

I read this book last year before it won The Caldecott. I loved it then and I love it now! Beekle is so adorable and I love the art. The contrast between the real world and Beekle’s world was well decided. It pulls on my heartstrings the way Beekle goes in search of his friend.

Children will definitely appreciate the imaginative drawings and vivid colors. It is a sweet story that I recommend for young preschoolers.

Throwback Thursday: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

3 Little Pigs

In honor of the 25th Anniversary, we will be revisiting The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. First off, I really love this pairing. The illustrator’s aesthetic is so quirky and off beat and the authors sense of humor is in sync with my own. This is one of those iconic books that everyone should read.

One of the aspects I love about the story, and the story can be read multiple ways, is that villain doesn’t see himself as a villain. Beside Rumpelstiltskin, who I have already admired in his own post, being a hero and a villain is simply a matter of perception.

I had forgotten how much I love this book. It often gets over shadowed by the Stinky Cheese Man but it is a cute read, worthy of children with quirky senses of humor.