Print vs eBook

As a book lover and publishing person, I adore a beautiful book. I’m not just talking about the quality of writing or the story; I am talking about the total package.

When I see a beautiful book.

I love how a matte cover can deepen and enhance the colors on a book cover.  (If you have the book The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist, you should go get it. Touch the cover to feel the smooth silkiness of the matte finish, and look at how it deepened the dark colors.)


I love how the endpapers on the covers can be beautiful selected to complement the book. Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Perason blew my mind, in part because of the end papers, which I just flipped by initially for the story.

A little hard to see, but beautiful.

Even deckled edging (when a book’s pages look like the printer didn’t do a good job cutting) can enhance the aesthetic of a book. Side Note: I am not a fan of deckled edging and often had heated debates with my classmates about whether to deckle or not. I just love a beautifully designed book.

But…then there are eBooks. I got my first e-reader in 2006: a Sony Reader. I upgraded in 2011 to a Kindle. I have been a fan of eBooks from the very beginning. They have allowed self-published authors to distribute their books to a wider audience, and I love that. I do not want to take my beautifully designed book to the gym to sweat all over it, but I will happily take my Kindle. Same goes for the subway and all the grit. Reading at lunch? Going to go with my Kindle then, too. But all the design elements of the print book are lost in the eBook.

So what is the purpose of this post?

Book bundling. Want it. Need it.

Have been saying it for years now, and I have witnesses to my long drawn out soap box moments.

Comics have been doing it for years. Same goes for movies, where you buy the DVD and get a digital copy.  HarperCollins has even started testing it out on select books.

I know some editors are adamantly against it. An Editorial Director at my publishers told me she is in the business of selling a product and she will not devalue it by giving you two for one because it doesn’t make business sense. I can see her point.

However, as a consumer of books, I demand book bundling. There are just some books that you want in multiple forms so you can read in bed, and then get up and go to the gym with the eBook and continue where you were.


Hello and Welcome!


Welcome to My So Called Y(oung) A(dult) Life! Book Nerds, rejoice, for I have come to share my (always right, or so I say) thoughts and knowledge of young adult books. Truth bomb time: I. Am. Addicted.

Contained within these electronic halls will be my highly opinionated opinions of books and my thoughts on where the book industry is headed. My credentials include: I am awesome. And if that is not enough, I have read over 2,000 young adult books, and I hold a  Masters of Science in Publishing.

But enough about me; you are here is for the books….the REASON for your existence.

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