Announcement Time!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined BookEnds Literary Agency¬†as a literary agent! And that means you can send me ALL your submissions! Please take a moment to head over to the BookEnds site¬†to see what I’m looking for. When you’re ready to query, submit here!

And that also means this blog with continue and you should look forward to future content.



Peak Behind The Curtain

So as you probably noticed, I have dropped off the map a bit. Between work, work reading, fun reading, and sleep, I haven’t been around much.

So shocker: I decided to join Instagram. (I am so old, don’t judge).giphy (3)

Follow me: SoCalledYALife

Warning: this is more personal than this site. You should expect to see pictures of food, my work shenanigans, and anything else that hits my fancy. But it will give you a peak behind the curtain.

giphy (4)