A Wicked Thing Review

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Warning ***Minor Spoilers***

Title:  A Wicked Thing

Author: Rhiannon Thomas

Publisher: HarperTeen (HaperCollins)

Flap Copy:

“One hundred years after falling asleep, Princess Aurora wakes up to the kiss of a handsome prince and a broken kingdom that has been dreaming of her return. All the books say that she should be living happily ever after. But as Aurora understands all too well, the truth is nothing like the fairy tale.

Her family is long dead. Her “true love” is a kind stranger. And her whole life has been planned out by political foes while she slept.

As Aurora struggles to make sense of her new world, she begins to fear that the curse has left its mark on her, a fiery and dangerous thing that might be as wicked as the witch who once ensnared her. With her wedding day drawing near, Aurora must make the ultimate decision on how to save her kingdom: marry the prince or run.”

I am not at all sure how I feel about this book. Part of me hates it, and part of me feels in was nice enough. The author has this amazing hook: what happens after Sleeping Beauty wakes up? But I spent the first part of the book bored, and the second part just annoyed that Aurora hadn’t clued into the fact that she was rightful ruler.

In the first half, she has just been kissed and woken up. Aurora is not sure how to deal with her disorientation with having been asleep for 100 years. This aspect of the story was good. I wish Thomas had actually done better world building here to showcase the difference.

As the king reveals his true colors, I wanted to scream at Aurora: “You are the rightful ruler! That is why they need you!” I just…I can’t even deal with characters that are this clueless.

Nothing gets resolved at the end of the book; yep, you guessed it, a series.

It was a nice enough book. Not something I would recommend anyone pay for, but if you need something to read in between the bestsellers, I might say try it.

Would I have acquired this? Well here is the rub: on the idea, yes. But on this story? Nope. This story was not what I would have wanted and the amount of work and edits that I would want would transform it into something completely different than the author probably wanted.


My Addiction to I.D. TV

I have a confession: I am addicted to ID TV, Dateline, and 48 Hours.

But here’s the kicker: I can’t read true crime.

The true crime books are too much for me. I often explain it like this: reading is an active activity and TV is a passive one. With active activity, you have to engage your mind. When I read, the book becomes a movie in my head. TV is different. You can turn on the TV and do other things. I like to cook and work on this blog while the TV is on.

Recently, my roommate made fun of my addiction, and a light bulb went off. Is there YA true crime?

By YA true crime, I don’t mean crimes featuring young adults or teens. I wonder, because I know I am not alone in my love of ID TV and Dateline, are the true books aimed for young adults? (Of course I am thinking 16 and older readers.)

I recently read two Romanov’s biographies. One, by Robert K. Massie was aimed for adult readers and the second book by Candance Fleming was aimed for young adult readers. One thing I noticed between these two books was how the subject matter was dealt with. Massie’s was much more dry and in the details. Fleming’s focused on developing a story and balance. So why am I mentioning these two books?

When I was thinking about YA true crime I realized that if it is to be done, it has to be handled just right. The writer will have to balance the darkness of the story and not overload a young reader with every detail. The thing I love about Dateline and 48 Hours is that it is not just the crime, but the hunt for the who and why of it all.

I would like to see some young adult true crime books. Detective books and murder mysteries are about to come back into the spotlight, and I think this should be a development in the YA nonfiction lists.

If you have ever read a young adult true crime, please let me know in the comments and I will check it out!